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Whole Zooki range now certified carbon negative

At Zooki, we're dedicated to contributing to a healthier and happier planet, so we sought out to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions. This has involved our core product range becoming certified carbon negative by, supporting the Envira Amazonia Conservation project and reducing emissions wherever we can.

Steps we've taken: 

  • We undertook an in-depth life-cycle assessment of our core range of products to identify the carbon footprint of each of them.
  • We've reduced our carbon footprint by switching to local product & packaging manufacturers, prioritising sea freight over air freight, and minimising energy use where possible.
  • The whole Zooki range is now proudly certified by as carbon negative. have done incredible work against climate change, with 38 billion pounds of Carbon Dioxide offset, 1 million trees planted and over 200 projects supported. 
  • These products are also part of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly programme. This is Amazon's commitment to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040. This means our products meet sustainability standards designed to preserve the environment.
  • We're currently trialling a recycling programme for our sachets.

Jack Morrison, co-founder at Zooki, says: “At Zooki, we are committed to contributing to a healthier and happier planet. We’re currently trialling the Zooki Recycling Rewards programme and are proud to become carbon negative across our core product range through partnership with and supporting the Envira Amazonia Rainforest Conservation Project.” 

We're so excited for this next step, and we'll be constantly evaluating our carbon emissions and adapting when and where possible.