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"Taking the healthy industry by storm": Zooki included in Startups 100 list

Zooki has been listed 33rd in the Startups 100 2021 list, curated by Startups. Startups has been curating this list of the UK's top 100 innovative and disruptive startups for 14 years running and we’re honoured to be a part of it in 2021. 

In first place this year was Multiverse, a company that helps disadvantaged young people gain top jobs in tech, law, media and finance.  

Multiverse was closely followed by Cera, a company using smart tech to provide essential at-home care visits for vulnerable people, and Farewill, an online platform making it “faster, fairer and easier” to deal with death.

Other awe-inspiring brands on the list were vegan meal delivery service Allplants, sustainable refillable deodorant brand Wild, and eco-friendly essentials brand The Cheeky Panda

Startups says: “Taking the health industry by storm, YourZooki is a startup that has created easy, enjoyable ways to look after yourself and get all the supplements you need.”

Startups is recognising Zooki for its fast-paced growth since launching in 2017, now being available in 49 countries and 3500 stores worldwide.

Startups sums it up: “The business is looking just as healthy as its users, with consistent growth since it was founded”.

Jack Morrison, co-founder of Zooki, says: "We're honoured to be recognised not only as innovative but disruptive too and to be in such good company with other amazing brands."