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Hair Zooki

Hair Zooki

The final step in your beauty routine
Formulated with three master nutrients to care for your hair, providing targeted support from the inside out. Packed to the brim with biotin, zinc and selenium, this Zooki is perfect for anyone looking to support and promote hair growth and nourishment
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Available in 3 flavours

  • Raspberry Ripple
  • Tropical
  • Blueberry



an internal affair

Our hair enriching, skin loving, nail supporting superhero

Protein synthesis
Is Hair Zooki right for you?

Good hair days are now just a sachet away!


Skincare doesn't have to mean an elaborate nightime routine


'Tough as nails' is about to take on a whole new meaning


Support synthesis of essential structural proteins such as keratin


Three delicious flavours - the only downside will be trying to choose!


Grab-and-go sachets, to support even the busiest lifestyle

An expert opinion

Hair Zooki contains Selenium, Biotin, Zinc which help with hair growth and strength.

Watch this video to find out how from Sarah Carolides, one of the UK’s top functional medicine and nutrition specialists with over 20 years experience.

Directions for use

Get creative! Hair Zooki can be taken however you like

Straight from the sachet
Add to water
Add to food and smoothies
What are
natural lipids?

‘Natural lipids’ are how we refer to the layer of essential phospholipids that surround the nutrients in all Zooki products.

We wrap nutrients in the very same lipids that are found in the walls of your cells. These bodyguards form protective shields around the nutrients which deliver them directly into your system.

100% natural ingredients

We wrap biotin, zinc and selenium in lipids using natural ingredients; we don't use alcohol solvents, such as ethanol, that are typically found in liquid supplements.

and impact

Formulated to ensure you get all of the benefits, in flavours you'll look forward to taking every day. With this Zooki, gone are the days of forgetting to take your daily supplements.

Each sachet contains 1000mcg of biotin, alongside 10mg of zinc and 55mcg of selenium, available in three delicious flavours: raspberry ripple, blueberry and tropical. Take one sachet a day for targeted support - and remember, just like everything, consistency is key to seeing results!

Why we’re different
High strength
Easy to swallow
No mess
Natural ingredients
No binders and fillers
Capsules and powders
Hear from our customers

Hair Zooki taste’s amazing and

“Hair Zooki taste’s amazing and I can definitely see a difference in the condition and feel of my hair. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve the condition of their hair. It has also improved the condition of my nails. It’s very easy to take and I have it for breakfast every day. I have tried all the different products and they all taste wonderful. I thoroughly recommend YourZooki Hair products and also use the Vitamin c product which is wonderful.“

Lisa M.

Another excellent supplement

“This is my fifth Zooki supplement, love them all and this is no exception. I’ve taken it for a few months now. The raspberry ripple tastes great and my hair is shiny and in such good condition. As always it hits the mark!“

Maat B.

Delicious and it works!

Hair feels stronger as it doesn’t snap as easily anymore. I feel like it’s grown quicker as well as I only got my hair done last month and I already have quite bit roots. Tastes great, I actually enjoy taking my morning zooki.

Sophie A.


“Since November 2020 I have had a bald patch at the front of my hair.. I have been taking hair zooki for a couple of weeks and can certainly see a difference.“

Alison T.

New growth

“I have been taking Hair Zooki for a few months now and I see a big improvement in the thickness and shine of my hair. It went quite dull since menopause but this has brought it back to life- literally. I intend to keep taking this great supplement indefinitely”

Celine L.

Menopause rejuvenation!

“My hair was breaking, thanks to the menopause & my daughter recommended I start to take hair supplements. We discovered Zooki & I noticed a difference after 3 weeks. My hairdresser commented how much thicker my hair is now & is recommending it to other clients. My skin is also less dull & I feel rejuvenated.“

Diane B.